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Seminole HTTP Server

Seminole is an embeddable webserver toolkit designed to be non-invasive and easily retrofitted to existing applications, lightweight with low resource consumption, and highly reliable with proper standards compliance and security safeguards.

Written using a subset of C++, Seminole provides a modular, high-level API which simultaneously insulates the client programmer from complicated protocol details while allowing total control over low-level operation when necessary.

Add in the optional Application Framework for a complete stateful and message-based development environment.

Another important feature Seminole has is a powerful discovery service. The Seminole discovery protocol uses IP multicast to find locate Seminole instances even if you don't know the address of the devices. Additionally the discovery protocol can send small amounts of status information periodically.

There are several discovery clients available: A Java applet, an Android app, and Microsoft Windows. There is also a discovery client in Seminole so devices can locate each other automatically.

With IPv6 support, multicast discovery, WebDAV, and high security Seminole is the ideal choice for the "The Internet of Things" revolution.

You can see Seminole in action right now by viewing the live demo. Alternatively you can download the demonstration code as a Windows binary below.


Type Title Description
[PDF] 65K Datasheet The datasheet covers the features of Seminole and gives a brief technical overview.
[PDF] 225K Getting Started Guide This guide gives an introduction to the basics of programming with Seminole.
[TGZ] 46K Example Source This compressed archive contains the example programs referenced in the Getting Started Guide. Each one is a working example of programming using Seminole.
[PDF] 2.2M Seminole Reference Manual This reference manual covers the details of programming with Seminole in detail.
[EXE] 200K Seminole Windows Demo This is a simple demonstration of Seminole that can be run on Windows NT/2K/XP. This demonstration is compiled with the OpenWatcom compiler.
[EXE] 100K Seminole Windows Discovery Client This program finds instances of Seminole on your local network without having to know the IP address of the machine.


Please feel free to contact a representative if you have any questions.

MVC framework maintains state and provides message-based development environment.
Seminole Application Framework
Seminole architecture and product description.
White paper
Data Sheet

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