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About Us

GladeSoft is a privately-owned software development firm located in Boca Raton, Florida.

We specialize in the embedded systems space -- offering products centered around a toolkit philosophy: pluggable functionality that you can carry with you from application to application and operating system to operating system.

Our engineers have over 15 years of experience in designing and developing high reliability embedded systems software solutions. All of our products and services are designed to provide developers with building blocks they can trust -- to bring their applications to market quickly and reliably.

About the Name

The name GladeSoft comes from the name that the original settlers gave one of the most beautiful places in South Florida, the Everglades. The second half of the word Everglades comes from the Anglo-Saxon word glaed, meaning a bright, shining open space in the forest. The first half implies that the Everglades is always full of life and water.

The initial conception of our company took place during a retreat to Everglades City, an isolated town in the heart of the Everglades. The peaceful surroundings helped inspire the spirit of our company.

We believe that software development is one of the most daunting frontiers of technology. With more and more devices becoming microprocessor controlled the demand for robust software solutions grows. GladeSoft is committed to providing high-quality solutions to make your products better.


GladeSoft has relationships with other companies providing embedded products that complement or work with our product line.

[Peersec Networks]  

PeerSec Networks produces the MatrixSSL compact SSL stack.

[NovTech Engineering]  

NovTech Engineering provides hardware design services.


The QNX RTOS provides an excellent platform for the Seminole embedded webserver.


Here are a few of the many companies using GladeSoft technologies in their products:

[Inprimis Logo]  

Seminole is used in digital set-top boxes designed & manufactured by Inprimis, Inc. The set-top boxes are deployed in hotel and hospital environments where remote management is critically important.

[iDVDBox Logo]  

Seminole was used in a multifunction DVD player created by iDVDBox, Inc. for both internal communication between components as well as remote management.

[Polycom Logo]  

Seminole is integrated with a voice-over-IP product developed by Polycom, Inc.

[Diablosport Logo]  

DiabloSport uses our professional services for device driver and protocol stack development. They also use our Stringcrypt tool to protect their product from reverse engineering.

[AJA Video Logo]  

AJA Video Systems uses our Seminole webserver to provide a management interface for their products.

[Scannex Logo]  

Scannex uses Seminole to provide the interface for their data collection products.

[DCombus Logo]  

DCombus uses the Seminole webserver to provide the administrative interface for their DSL access products.

Portable, small, fast and reliable.
Seminole HTTP Server
MVC framework maintains state and provides message-based development environment.
Seminole Application Framework
Seminole architecture and product description.
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