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Seminole Application Framework

Building robust web-based interfaces requires complex logic to handle the problems introduced by the stateless nature of HTTP. The Seminole Application Framework provides a MVC (Model-View-Controller) based engine to insulate applications from the complexity of HTTP and HTML.

The application framework supports internationalization, security, and parameter validation combined with an easy-to-use interface. Despite its power and flexibility, the application framework is compact and efficient, allowing it to be used on low-end microprocessors like those typically found in cost-sensitive networking equipment.

Includes the Seminole HTTP Server for a complete stateful and message-based development environment.


  • Clean design mirrors a traditional GUI structure
  • Session support for multiple, independent users
  • Stateful retention of application settings, providing a predictable user experience
  • Efficient run-time operation for low memory and CPU footprint
  • Automatic marshaling and validation of user input lets developers worry about more important issues
  • Host-based tools allow quick and easy integration with applications
  • Abstracts interface issues away from the application's core code

Portable, small, fast and reliable.
Seminole HTTP Server
Seminole architecture and product description.
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