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Embedded Systems Tools

The GladeSoft product line is designed to make developing embedded systems faster, easier and more cost-effective by providing pluggable and easily-integrated toolkit components developed to meet the needs of today's embedded system developer.

The current trend towards wireless networking technologies and powerful microcontrollers is changing the landscape of how people use consumer electronics. Web based interfaces -- well suited for manipulating complex parameters intuitively -- are quickly becoming the de facto standard for configuring, monitoring and managing a wide range of applications.

Our most popular product is Seminole, an HTTP server package suitable for configuration, monitoring, and management of embedded applications. Designed from the ground up for embedded systems, Seminole is a turnkey solution for building web-based interfaces with a small footprint. Seminole is more than a protocol handler; it also can manage the entire user-interface.

Take a few minutes to see how Seminole can simplify your user interaction needs.

Portable, small, fast and reliable.
Seminole HTTP Server
MVC framework maintains state and provides message-based development environment.
Seminole Application Framework
Seminole architecture and product description.
White paper
Data Sheet

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