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Stringcrypt is a tool designed to encrypt strings from prying eyes and reverse engineers.

Have you ever wished that it wasn't so easy to analyze a binary image and get all the strings out of it? Maybe your software has a hard coded password in it for accessing a network service. Perhaps reverse engineering is a threat to your product. What if your embedded system contains critical data? The answer to these issues is Stringcrypt.

Stringcrypt will automatically encrypt the strings in your software with a minimum of source-code modification. In most cases the encryption is transparent to your software and results in a very minimal performance impact. Stringcrypt was designed to work on embedded systems where code must execute out of flash and is read-only. Stringcrypt also works fine with desktop and server operating systems.

See the data sheet for more information.


Type Title Description
[PDF] 22K Datasheet The datasheet covers the features of Stringcrypt and gives a brief technical overview.


Please feel free to contact a representative if you have any questions.

  • Multithreading safe.
  • Disassembly is made difficult by hiding strings.
  • Full source code included.

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